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Jenni's 3D Art & Experiments Project Galleries
Slideshow of some current 3D projects

Some of my models on turntable display at Sketchfab

Abstract 3D Art by jenninexus on Sketchfab

Kitty McBlubberton by jenninexus on Sketchfab

Time-lapse character modelling & facial morphs

Granny & Buff Dude 3D characters

Indie games my 3D models are in

Kitty McBlubberton: modeled the diner, treats & Kitty McBlubberton character.

Breaking Beta: modeled the RV camper, & Jesse / Walt characters.

Soccer Cows: modeled the cows, and a curve-helper
3D-print my models on Shapeways

See me stream live on Twitch